CEMS Career Forum 2013

577191_557320454303791_1228943314_nThe two-day event will offer you a dedicated platform to make meaningful connections and nourish your personal and professional development. 

The CEMS Career Forum will take place 15-16 November 2013 in Budapest, Hungary and students doing their fall term in Hong  Kong  are  eligible  to  arrange  online  interviews.  CEMS  Corporate  Partners  will  be present  at  the  Career  Forum  and  may  propose  various  internship  and  job  offers  to  CEMS students  and  alumni.  Pre-scheduled  and  walk-in  interviews  will  take  place  on  Saturday  16 November.   A  dedicated  CP  stand  area  will  be  set  up  to  facilitate  student  and  alumni interaction with Corporate Partners.
In addition, half-day accredited skill seminars will be organised in cooperation with CEMS Corporate  Partners  on  Friday  15  November.  This  is  an  ideal  opportunity  to  learn  from professionals,  to  get  to  know  the  representatives  of  the  company  of  your  interest  and  to enhance your network.

CEMS  students  and  alumni  can  have walk-in  interviews on  the  day  of  the  job  fair,  on Saturday  16  November.  Walk-in  interviews  are  arranged  on  site  and  enable  company representatives to talk with candidates in a more relaxed way.
CEMS  students  and  alumni  also  have  the  opportunity  to  participate  in  the company presentations of the CEMS Corporate Partners. These will take place on the day of the job fair, on Saturday 16 November.

CEMS  students and alumni  (up  to  4  years  after  graduation) can  apply  for pre-scheduled interviews with companies up until 9 September 2013. Companies will then select students and  alumni  for  interviews,  and  CEMS  Head  Office  will  coordinate  and  schedule  the interviews for the day of the job fair.

For pre-scheduled interviews CEMS  students,  alumni,  corporate  representatives  and  academic  members  are  invited  to participate  in  the Student  Party that  will  take  place  at  the  closure  of  the  Career  Forum, Saturday  16  from  9.30pm.  The  event  is  subject  to  an  entrance  fee.  Payment  must  be  made online on cems.org.
You  can  proceed  with  the  online  registration  when  logging  into  your  Private  Zone  at  cems.org  and  clicking  on  the  Career  Forum  Registration.  We  will  provide  you  with updates and information on a regular basis to your cemsmail account. Therefore, please keep your  cemsmail  forwarded  to  a  valid  e-mail  address.  For  more  information  about  the application  procedure  and  the  event,  please  download  the  CEMS  Career  Forum  Student  & Alumni Information Brochure at cems.org > Career Forum Registration > Useful Information.